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The Democratic Republic of Peanut Chicken (meaty)

Thick and hearty African peanut chicken stew made with garbanzo beans, peanut butter, bell peppers, tomatoes and roasted chicken.†

Made With Chicken Stock (Chicken**, Onions*, Celery*, Carrots*, Garlic*, Spices*), Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Tomatoes*, Chicken**, Peanut Butter*, Brown Rice*, Chick Peas*, Canola Oil*, Cumin*, Garlic*, Red Pepper Flakes*, Salt, Pepper*.

**Hormone and Antibiotic Free
†No Gluten Ingredients (details)
Soupy Texture Rating: Hearty
Spiciness Level: Medium (some kick)

Nutritional Information:
Estimated Serving Size: 12 ounces
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Calories 419
Fat 21.4 g
Saturated Fat 4.4 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 23 mg
Sodium 919 mg
Carbohydrate 38.5 g
Fiber 8.1 g
Sugar 10.1 g
Protein 22.5 g